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about tlc enterprise, llc

about TLC Enterprise, LLC

about TLC Enterprise, LLC

about TLC Enterprise, LLC

TLC (Touching Lives with Compassion) Enterprise, LLC is a company built on the foundation of faith, a passion for individual growth, and improving the lives of others.


TLC Enterprise, LLC staff understands that reaching out for support and beginning the journey of transformation takes a lot of courage, and we want to commend you for taking these steps.


TLC Enterprise, LLC groups, seminars, and programs are guided by our compassion, humor, and a strong personal desire to help lighten your emotional load. When family life does not go well in one generation, it continues to go wrong for future generations unless there is an intervention to correct certain behaviors.

Our Mission:

TLC Enterprise, LLC is an advocate for social change.  Our mission is to promote community awareness, identify and promote effective anger management techniques, and promote and encourage inflated self-esteem and inspiring individuals. We are focused on improving the quality of all services throughout the state of Texas.

Our mission is to safely transport our patients and customers in a manner consistent with our core values of excellence in patient care, integrity, customer service and, first and foremost, safety.


Our Vision:

Our vision for the future is to be a state free from anger violence, deflated self-esteem, and uninspiring individuals.

about Tondala Fowler

Tondala Fowler delivers expert Anger Management educational services for TLC Enterprise, LLC.  A certified Anger Management specialist holding a BS degree in Criminal Justice, she has acquired over 12 years of experience in Criminal Justice, providing counseling and facilitating seminars. Her professional career and education complement each other to the benefit of her clients. Courses she primarily focuses on are Personal Development and Anger Management Education. 


At TLC Enterprise, LLC, Tondala Fowler accommodates all types of individuals with her expertise; she facilitates Anger Management Education classes and Personal Development seminars for kids, teens, and adults. In every class of individuals she works with, she maintains a unique approach that is appropriate for their age group and resonates best with their mindset. This way, clients who take her classes benefit from having the privilege to have a specialist who understands their current situation and emotional struggles, thus becoming more confident in working toward a positive change.


Tondala Fowler’s specialty of work is her compassionate and understanding manner, an aspect that proves to be crucial in such a sensitive field. She works not just professionally but in a personal manner, giving her classes time and attention in a lengthy, devoted manner. Many of her past clients have provided their appreciation of her work, especially regarding her demeanor, active listening, and devoted loyalty to all clients. Along with that, her confidential and reliable personality allows her clients to trust her services better and truly relate their concerns and issues more openly.


Along with her education and record of having a diverse variety of clients that have benefitted positively from her services, Tondala Fowler is also an active member of prestigious organizings that include the National Anger Management Association (NAMA), Toast Masters International, Chamber of Commerce in several cities, and the National Association for Self-Esteem (NASE). Her membership in all of these renowned groups allows her to interact and work with other lauded professionals in this field, growing and developing skill, knowledge, and practice solutions. Tondala Fowler’s work and 

services for TLC Enterprise, LLC are truly considered an exceptional gift, playing more than her part in 

helping change the lives of individuals in the community.


Tondala Fowler is a seasoned and passionate Facilitator and Advocate for Social Change who resides in Frisco, Texas. Currently, she is the founding representative of TLC (Touching Lives with Compassion) Enterprise, LLC with an unwavering vision to build an anger and violence free tomorrow for the state of Texas. Tondala is truly passionate about changing lives, which she hopes will impact not only Texas, but also 

the world at large. 


Throughout the span of nearly two decades, Tondala Fowler has been infinitely dedicated to facilitating a multitude of inspiring groups, events, and seminars. Her expertise as a Facilitator, Principle, and Operations Manager exceeds a decade. Prior to her current positions, she served as an Intervention Specialist/Probation Officer.


She received a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Prairie View A & M University. Tondala also holds a Certification in Anger Management.  She is active in several church ministries and will do whatever is asked of her with a kind and loving spirit. 


When she’s not immersed in her rewarding career, she enjoys cooking hearty dishes, shopping, and being active in her thriving community. Most importantly, she absolutely loves to spend quality time with her wonderful family. Tondala is happily married and the proud mother of one son.

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