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TLC Enterprise: Touching Lives with Compassion.

About TLC Enterprise, LLC

TLC Enterprise is a company built on the foundation of faith, a passion for individual growth, and improving the lives of others.


TLC Enterprise groups, seminars, and programs are guided by our compassion, humor, and strong personal desire to help lighten your emotional load. When family life does not go well in one generation, it can continue to go wrong for future generations unless there is an intervention to correct certain behaviors.

Learn more about our upcoming events and seminars and how you can schedule one for your business or church. Read more...

Our Anger Management classes are offered in supportive environments that provide attendees with practical tools. Read more...

TLC Enterprise, LLC is an advocate for social change. Read more about our Mission and Values statements on our About page.

See what our clients are saying about us:

Chasity Freeman

March 28, 2015 


Since I attended the TLC seminar, I now have a stronger desire to pursue my passions and build a life that will allow me to leave a legacy for my family. No fear, all faith, all God! Applying the principles shared by TLC Enterprise will definitely lead anyone to their passion and purpose!

Tiffany Bozeman

December 1, 2014 


TLC Enterprise is definitely the most professional group of people I've worked with. I got everything I expected and more. Highly recommended.

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